• About Joyce Levell, LPC

    About Joyce Levell, LPC

    You might be asking yourself “What happened to that part of me that used to keep going after something bad happened?” You no longer see that resilient person when you look in the mirror. “Why am I feeling so frozen?”. There might be a number of reasons this is happening. One thing I know for certain is that part of you isn’t gone forever. It merely struggles to heal itself after unsettling events or trauma.

    Conversations with me are not like the ones you are having with your friends and family. We will spend time focused on you, your needs and your wishes, your wins and your struggles. The words we exchange will carry weight and move you forward, closer to whatever goals you have for yourself.

    I offer clients a safe, laid back opportunity to open up. I communicate my understanding and nonjudgement in a way that others feel heard and empowered. In my experience, when people are heard and valued for who they are, they are given the opportunity to become their best self. I look forward to helping you become your best self!


    Years in Practice: 3 Years
    License: Texas / 79663
    School: University of North Texas at Dallas
    Year Graduated: 2017